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Dr. Lutz Stäudel

Competence for training and consulting in science education

After three decades of science teachers training at the University of Kassel (Germany) and after more than one decade of intense work within and associated with the model projects SINUS and SINUS-Transfer* which dealt with teaching development and improvement of learning conditions I now offer my experiences for teaching staff training at schools, focussing on teaching methods in science classes. Resident in Leipzig (since 2011) most of my workshops took and take place in Germany, but besides there have been places between like Kiev & Istanbul as well as Jakarta, Capetown, Jo'burg, Durban, Nairobi - the latter on behalf of the Siemens Foundation (and of course in English).

Note: The range of my websites in English does not cover the German presence fully, the topics provided here are focussing on
- Incremental worked examples / Tasks with tipcards
- Methodical tools (in tradition of J. Leisen)
If You are interested in other aspects of mywork please contact me or look at my websites in German.

My offers

Workshops - Training sessions - Lectures - target-group-specific publications

Workshops for science teacher teams
, prefering to work with the complete teaching staff of a school. Topics are "Tasks in science teaching", "Incremental worked examples - Tasks with tipcards" (on paper as well as in electronic versions), "Variety of methods in science teaching" including cooperative / collaborative forms of learning and the idea of inclusive learning and teaching.

Lectures & publications aiming at the interests of special groups - inside and outside the educational field. As examples You might have a look at the materials provided for Experimento - campaigns in the sub-sahara aerea (Media portal Siemens Foundation) or the handouts for Clean Water Project in Kenya.


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You are interested in any of my publications? Help yourself and download what your find here. Some articles are available as well via Research Gate.
For further questions contact me via email or if urgent, try my phone: 0049 (0)341 30860521

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